Select 16 All-Star Game Roster Announced

Derek Mullahy is the lone goaltender playing in the All Star Game with a college commitment Photo courtesy of The Scouting News

The All-Star Game at the USA Hockey Select 16 Development Camp is currently under way and the roster was released on Twitter minutes ago.


As far as college commitments there 18 players playing in the game who have already chosen their college. Follow the jump for the complete list.

Team White


Jake Hale (Minnesota Duluth)

Robert Griffin (Northeastern)

Liam Connors (Boston University)

Nick Capone (Maine)


Mitch Miller (Miami)

Jayden Struble (Northeastern)

Spencer Cox (Miami)

Team Blue


Robert Mastrosimone (Boston University)

John Faranacci (Harvard)

Grant Silianoff (Notre Dame)

Josh Nodler (Michigan State)

Tyler Paquette (Penn State)

TJ Koufis (Wisconsin)


Michael Koster (Minnesota)

Jake Boltman (Minnesota)

Cade Webber (Boston University)

Hunter Weiss (Notre Dame)


Derek Mullahy (Harvard)


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